Required Armour and Costume

Armour and Costume time period specifications.

At our event we cover the time period of 1380 - 1415 we are particular that all armour and costumes are authentic to those periods.

Azincourt Museum directive 2012

All costume must period correct time period 1380 - 1415 armour and costume only, no exceptions will be made, we will ask during your registration for a picture of you wearing the costume and with any equipment you will be using. 

A list produced by the museum is shown below, we have also provided images below as examples. Please refer to these when selecting costume.


1 pair of linen braies

1 pair of woollen hose (separate)

1 linen chainse

1 jupon or doublet (without "mahoitres" puffed shoulders) preferably of wool or a coat

1 leather belt with historically compatible buckle and mordant

1 pair of historically compatible shoes with buckles

1 headgear


Female: To come...


Military costume: (minimum equipment)

1 head and neck protection

Authorised :

basinets (of mezail, breteche, bulb, klapp-visor, must be worn with harness)


kettle hats


archers’ sallets (primitive, without visors)


Unauthorised :


bucket helms

sallets with visors

articulated gorget



1 body protection (at least a thick or padded jacket, without "mahoitres" puffed shoulders)

1 hand protection (Hourglass type)





Offensive and defensive weapons for fight

All historically compatible weapons <<blunted>> for the period 1370-1415 are authorised except:

flails and their derivatives (chain weapons)






Hotplates, refrigerators or other contemporary materials for the purpose of the preparation and conservation of foodstuffs and drinks are accepted as long as they are not visible to the general public.

From this year trestles and seats (benches and other stools) not historically accurate (even covered with sheets) are no longer authorised.


Examples of Civilian costume


Brasses of knights and their ladies

Sir John de la Pole & Joan, Lady de la Pole c.1380

Sir Henry English & Margaret,
Lady English c.1393
Sir John Hauley and his two wives
Joanna & Alice c.1408
Sir Edward Dalyngrigge & Elizabeth, Lady Dalyngrigge

Sir John Cressy & Christina, Lady Cressy c.1414

Thomas, Lord Camoys & Elizabeth Mortimer c.1421


There will always be debate on what exactly what armour was worn and for what purpose as such we have decided to let history do our judging. Below are examples of original, replica, effigies and brasses of armour which have been collected together to show styles which will be acceptable.

Let us start with the year 1380, the middle example below although slightly early (1376) it is typical of the armour from that period. It is an image of the effigy which can be found on the tomb of Edward of Woodstock, Prince of Wales "The Black Prince" and son of King Edward III. He died in 1376 and was interned at Canterbury Cathedral, the style of armour is perfect as an example of the late 14th Century.


Late 14th Century Armour
Edward  of Woodstock, 
Prince of Wales
"The Black Prince"
Early Fifteenth Century Armour

Further examples through time are shown below, as you can see there are major transitions between c.1405 and c.1410.

Sir Robert Swinbourne (d.1391) Sir John de Saint Quentin (d.1397) Sir Nicholas Dagworth (d.1401) Sir Thomas Massingberd
Sir Thomas de Saint Quintin c.1420
Sir John Wilcotes
Sir Simon de Felbrigge K.G.
Fought at Azincourt 1415
Sir Thomas de Saint Quintin c.1420 Sir John Leventhorpe (d.1433)

With regard to appearance the helmet and gauntlets are the major give away for groups who operate in a different time period and wish to attend Azincourt, our first request is if you are not sure what you need to wear ask us. We will not be offended and taking advise before buying new kit to attend can save you lots of money. Taking photographs and sending them to us of your current kit will help us to advise how best to change it, should that be the case

Below are some helmet and gauntlet designs to start you off.

Various styles of Bascinet Early 14th to Mid 15th Century.
Late 14th Century Great Bascinet Early 15th Century Great Bascinet
Various styles of Great Bascinet Mid 14th to Early 15th Century.
Black Prince Funeral Helm 1376
Various styles of Great Helm Early 14th Century to Mid 15th Century.
Various styles of Hourglass Gauntlets used throughout 14th into 15th Century.
Various styles of Chapeau de Fer,  Kettlehelms 13th and 14th Century.




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